‪Money ‘Tsunami’ May Spur Quadrupling of Gold Prices, McEwen Says https://finance.yahoo.com/news/money-tsunami-may-spur-quadrupling-205630271.html‬

I’m uncomfortable with this and you should be to. It reinforces my observation that the asset classes mentioned in the market are essentially over heated and as an exit strategy gold will be the new choice investment. However, in layman’s terms when enough people invest in a stock in a scheduled strategy you can drive up the stock, essentially creating a supply and demand market. But… It’s probably first money in and first money out, everyone else get’s their payouts in line, priority given to the valued investors, etc.

Money ‘Tsunami’ May Spur Quadrupling of Gold Prices, McEwen Says https://finance.yahoo.com/news/money-tsunami-may-spur-quadrupling-205630271.html

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