We have A-Squared, not A.I.

A-Squared is Advanced Automation, not to be confused with this years techie buzz words Artificial Intelligence. The systems while clever and complex are by no means sentient. True with countless data points and good algorithms you can do a lot. So far however, it’s advanced customer service chat-bots.

So far so good but no sign of the Artificial Intelligence extinction of mankind. The big problem though is related to complexity theory (previously known as chaos theory.) Not to get lost in what is science meets philosophy, my theory is that with so many data points and protocols there could be a Splash Crash where in the stock markets automated trading systems try to protect the investments but ultimately shut down the market. I think that could also happen in number of other applications.

Basically your job is safe for the time being however you may be needed to help rebuild whatever market or application dueling (or way, way more) advanced automated systems overly corrected or possibly brought on a global traffic jam.


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